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Auction Packing & Shipping

We offer special auction packaging and shipping services, to sellers and buyers around the world.

Your shipments will arrive safely, our services are affordable, and the best part is we do it all. From pickup, through packaging, right through delivery - even including the crating, and air or motor freight.

This can be handy if you buy and sell at various auction houses. We solve your concerns over shipping of oddly shaped objects, valuable auction antiques or extremely large items.

This service can actually increase your sales! When buyers know that there is a set shipping cost, they are more likely to purchase from you. With our accurate estimates, you’ll have those quotes before the sale, thus producing the likelihood of more sales.

Auction buyers benefit as well. We provide the shipping costs up front, before they buy so they know exactly what they are getting in to. 

We also deliver right to your door, wherever you may be. And you have the peace of mind knowing your valuable purchase will arrive to you safely.