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International Shipping Crates

There are many variables to take into consideration when shipping your crates internationally. The demands on your valuables can be great and stressful.  Moisture, heat, vandalism, improper handling and theft are just a few of the concerns.

During voyages, goods can be stacked on top of or come into contact with other goods.  Many overseas ports are not as up-to-date or sophisticated as we are in the United States.  While moving through customs, your cargo could be on a conveyor belt, pushed, dragged or even dropped before it meets the final destination.

Moisture is a huge concern because often there is no covered storage away from rain and other elements that can cause a build up of condensation. Even if air conditioning and humidifiers are present, this can still be a problem.

Here are some rules you will want to take into consideration:

  • Packing filler and packaging should be made of moisture-resistant material.
  • Items need to be evenly distributed regardless of the weight or shape and properly braced within the container.
  • To avoid theft, don’t label your crates with name brands or contents. 
  • You also want to use straps, shrink wrapping and seals.
  • Use strong containers, completely filled and sealed.
  • When dealing with hazardous materials, follow guidelines and regulations for product-specific packing requirements. Do not cut corners.

Follow these guidelines or ensure your shipping does – help ensure your goods arrive safely and intact.