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ISPM-15 Wood Crates

When you package and crate items for international shipping there are several factors to take into consideration. Heat treated lumber is used to build wood crates intended for export, as required by many foreign countries receiving goods shipped from the U.S.

That alone doesn’t mean it meets the requirements for international exportation. There is still an additional approval that needs to be met in many cases. That requirement is known as the ISPM-15 marking or commonly known as the “bug stamp”.  The reason for heat treated lumber is to reduce the risk of pest infestation.

If a foreign country is not able to track your crate and verify that it passes the “bug stamp” approval, they can destroy or fumigate your shipment without any prior notification to you.

Orbit Shipping are experts in international shipping and will ensure that your shipment is properly packaged, documented and traceable so no issues arise when your goods arrive at a foreign port.