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Military Crates

Whether for ammunitions or supplies, military specifications (Mil-Spec) requirements for crates and packaging are very specific.

We are very experienced in handling Mil-Spec shipping can meet those needs. 

That includes the necessity for crates to be disassembled, stored and reassembled in a quick and efficient manner.

With removable panels, all items can be inspected and accessed from any side or the top of the crates.

Mil-Spec crates:

  • Can be stacked for transport and easy storage.
  • As they are reusable, financial savings are substantial
  • Crates can be assembled by one person in less than three minutes with no screws, nails or metal banding.

Plus, we can provide special needs such as shelving, ramps, doors stenciling, barcoding, easy lift handles, whatever is needed.

All military crates are export compliant.