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Terms and Conditions

* Please note that the below listed terms and conditions are applicable on all service performed and/or arranged by Orbit Distributing Inc, Orbit Professional Packaging and Crating, Orbit Logistics. Herein and after referred to as Orbit. By your use of Orbits's services you agree to Orbit's terms, rules, and conditions. Furthermore you authorize Orbit to act as your shipment coordinator and to arrange, select and engage carriers, forwarders, and others to transport goods on your behalf. And in doing so, you accept all terms and conditions of carrier's bills of lading including limits of liability that your shipment(s) are governed by. The shipper warrants, that he is the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the goods and that he is accepting these terms and conditions. Orbit is a logistics service provider acting as your "Shipment Coorinator" and therefore is not liable for the actual shipment(s).

Estimates, Rates, and Charges

Estimates are based on the information provided. Differences in size, weight, class, declared value and services can result in additional charges. The shipper, consignee, owner or agent will be responsible for these additional charges. All residential deliveries unless noted on your "Estimate" and/or "Bill of Lading" are tailgate/curbside and are delivered via 52' Tractor Trailer. Large and/or bulky items will require consignee unloading help. NMFC Freight Classification is based on information provided by shipper. Misclassification of freight will result in additional charges. Household Goods and Personal items are shipped with carriers under NMFC # 100240 sub 01 with a .10 per pound limit of liability.

Limits of Liability

Orbit is a licensed property broker that coordinates shipments and therefore is not liable for the actual transportation of shipment(s). and/or damage. The shipper is liable for its own errors and omissions. Orbit is not liable for loss or damage caused by the inherent nature of the goods to become easily damaged or destroyed through the normal rigors of shipping or vibration damage. Orbit is not liable for loss or damage as a result of third party and/or customer packaging. In no circumstance whatsoever, shall Orbit be liable to the customer, shipper, owner, agent or anyone having an interest in, for consequential loss however caused. All Damage and Loss Claims must be filed against carrier(s) and/or Cargo Insurance Company within 24 hours of receipt of goods.

Declared Value

Orbit will declare the value of shipment(s) as direct by shipper/customer with all carriers enlisted to transport your shipment(s). All items shipped without a declared value and Insurance purchased through Orbit or secondary provider will have a maximum insured value of .60 per pound.