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Wooden Storage Crates

Wooden storage crates provide you with improved floor space at your warehouse, business, residence or plant. They also provide you the essential protection for your valuable merchandise, personal belongings and equipment.

Small storage crates may have options such as hinged or removable lids, carry handles, and latches or locking mechanisms.

Other options for storage crates could include front loading crates, drawers, shelving, tie-downs and straps, or ramps and doors.

Storage crates can also be lined in different types of polyethylene foam in different thicknesses for extra cushioning for your fragile contents.

Crates for storage are also sturdy enough to stack 3 or 4 high with a forklift.

Custom crates can be labeled with your company name and logo, but we don’t advise labeling them with the actual contents, unless you specify otherwise. That is just a precaution against theft. They can be labeled in such a way that you can cross-reference the contents in a document in your office or business facility.